Golden Goalies: My Favorite Things

Jan B.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

– Getting in touch with old friends. Here’s to friends all over the west.

– Getting in touch with newer friends. November birthday greetings to Trudy and Debbie, and December greetings to Jeri, Wendy, Jo, and Mary.

– Eating watermelon that’s ripe, juicy, and full of seeds. And, really, have you ever seen a seedless watermelon?

– Enjoying ways to be creative—writing, gardening, and eating (more than cooking).

– Volunteering and finding special books at our HOA library. Thanks to whoever donated A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. He’s now one of my favorite authors.

– Coming up with words to use when playing Wordscapes.

– Taking early-morning walks with Zoe. When you walk with a dog, you come face to face with wonderful beings, including Riley and Cassie, who walk Sharon.

– Feeling grateful to everyone who has managed to make Zoom a useful tool for all of us who want to be together.

– Long talks with anyone who’ll listen.

– Time alone. And time together.

I am looking forward to eventually attending our regular meetings for the Golden Goalies. Contact Janice at 480-802-0348 for up-to-date info on meetings.