Golden Goalies – Savoring it all


Bea Loozer

Last month, Carol gave an inspiring “therapy” session on writing resolutions — like those we might come up with each new year — as well as recording our experiences. Below is my adaptation of a handout she used.

The handout reminded me of a book I gave my mom 20+ years ago. It was designed to stimulate her memory about experiences she had when growing up and growing old. Here’s one experience she wrote about in that book. One day when she was five or six, her teacher’s boyfriend came to visit her class. He leaned over and picked up Mom, the tiniest and possibly the cutest girl in the class, and made a big fuss over her. She felt very special and obviously remembered it well.

This isn’t about being small or cute, but it does have to do with remembering special things in our life as well as doing a bit of planning for additional special events. Here is a list that each of us can ponder. I think it would be great to write down our responses to save so we can read them later — or even tuck them away to be read by those who follow us. Treat this list as a series of questions to answer and save.

– Three favorite memories

– Three things I’m grateful for

– One hard lesson I learned

– One thing I did recently that I’m proud of

– Three places I want to go

– Three ways I can help others

– Two friends I have stayed in touch with

– Three Sun Lakes friends and why they are special to me

– One thing I want to get better at

– Two things I am looking forward to

– Three new things I want to try

– At least one person I hope will read my responses

I’m thinking of Mom right now. I’m sure your children or friends will think of you as they read your responses. In any event, I hope working on these writing starters will let you relive and savor some special memories.

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