Golden Goalies – summer fun

Janice Cournoyer

Golden Goalies is much more than a weight-loss support group. It’s also about building friendships and having a lot of fun along the way. Golden Goalies leader Sharon is always thinking of great ways to keep us motivated when it comes to losing or maintaining our weight, particularly when the temperatures rise and we might not be as active.

For those of us who are here for the summer, we’re playing Bingo! At the start of the summer, everyone was issued a green Bingo card. The word “BINGO” on the card was replaced with “GOLDN” to customize it to our group. You can only play if you are at the meeting and have either lost or maintained your weight for the prior week. The numbers drawn depend on how many people lost the prior week; three people losing equals three numbers drawn, etc. Get all the numbers across, down, or diagonal and win $12. An “X” across the card is $25. We’ve had two winners so far and a whole lot of laughs.

If you’re interested in a great support group that shares laughs and wisdom weekly, consider joining the Golden Goalies. Weigh-in is Saturday from 7:00 to 7:40 a.m. in Room A-8, near the Cottonwood Library. The meeting starts after weigh-in, and the group does meet year-round. Contact Rita at 480-223-8340 for more information.