Golden Goalies—Those Were the Days

Jan Bobbett

Probably everyone can remember the first two lines of the popular old song, “Those were the days, my friend. We thought they’d never end.”

A recent AZ Republic article had a different take on the sentiment. “Those were the days” in the song meant something along the lines of wonderful times spent with family and friends. Maybe, as the song says, singing and dancing. Maybe also swimming, baseball, or baking cookies together. Maybe it also suggests an idyllic sense of security. Sure, it overlooks the despair of those who lived through the depression, job loss, and discrimination, but the song is about nostalgia.

With the words, “We thought they’d never end,” the song harkens back to the fun times. But now the line might suggest something like “This has to end soon.” Still, we live with pandemics on a planet that’s getting warmer, and it looks like that will continue. We could go on and on with negativity.

Maybe we need to work on our health, happiness, and endurance—for now and for the future. Could we place more value on simplicity and caring for one another and the earth? I have no answers for you, but it is something to think about for ourselves, for those close to us, and for future generations. Maybe we should listen to the wisdom of elders who have struggled and survived. I suspect they have wisdom to share. In any event, let’s keep singing and dancing—now and in the future.

Readers, consider joining us when Golden Goalies return to regular meetings. We’ve learned that group support helps us to become as healthy as we want to be.

We miss each other and expect to return to our regular meetings, probably to be held on Saturdays from 7:30 to 8 a.m., but contact Janice at 480-802-0348 or Rita at 480-223-8340 for an update. As you know, right now, scheduling is one of the many things that’s hard to anticipate.