Golden Goalies: Tis the Season

Jan B.

As I write this on the last day in November, I see nearly-mature tangerines on our tree. But when you read this, all the citrus will be ripe and tasty, and the smell of citrus will be permeating the seasonal air. Whether you enjoy that aroma or find it unpleasant, well, you can interpret the wonder of the season.

It seems like we’re continuing a season as well as entering a new season. I don’t mean in politics. Possibly more than that, it’s related to our staying-at-home patterns. Everyone seems to be reading more than usual. I suppose many have joined book clubs, and still more have ordered books or visited their local library much more often than they did last year. Are you looking forward to the opening of our HOA libraries as much as I am?

And more cooking! Holy cow, soup is a daily dish. And usually it includes beans in our household. Anyway, soup, beans, and mac and cheese have become staples. I’m ready for some new dishes for the new season. Time to check my recipes and the Internet.

My shoes are worn out. The most comfortable shoes I have are the ones I use for walking, walking, walking. And the wear is evident. Still, I’m not inclined to use less-comfy shoes or to take fewer walks. I’ll wait until the walking stores open back up, and then I’ll get new ones. That will really mark the new season. (I must add kudos to Debbie for playing pickleball, Alice for group workouts almost daily, as well as Jeanne B., Carol W., Jeanne S., and others for continued walking. And greetings/kudos to Goalies I haven’t mentioned.)

Finally, the season for sharing might be over for some families, but it’s never too late to give to those in need.

What do you see, smell, feel that makes you want to say, “Tis the season?”

Golden Goalies will be back for meetings as soon as it’s safe. Maybe you will want to join us. Contact Janice Cournoyer at 480-802-0348 for an update.