Golden Goalies: With Help from Angels

Bea Loozer

Another day begins. We each welcome a new day in our own way. Most people have a few rituals in addition to donning some kind of clothing. Maybe it starts with a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe going out for a very early walk. You might start your day with a morning blessing or positive words to someone you want to stay in touch with. All good. Personally, I like to begin (after dressing) by walking our dog and then using our yoga DVD.

To help me focus and be mindful each morning, yoga is a good start, and I also like to turn to my collection of angel cards. My little basket holds about 50 little cards. Here’s how I handle my cards: I draw three cards and ponder how I’m doing in terms of the single word on each of those three cards. This morning I pulled “Enthusiasm,” “Integrity,” and “Play.”

Nobody gave me any guidance on how to use my angel cards (which I bought at a bookstore many years ago), but a friend does it this way: She draws a card, such as “Harmony,” and says to herself, “In my body, I seek harmony.” Then she draws a second card (let’s say it’s “Abundance”) and says, “In my mind, I seek abundance. Finally, if the third card is “Adventure,” she says, “In my spirit, I seek adventure.”

Others, I’m told, pull only one card per day. That’s fine. I like to pull three, and I rarely try to tie them specifically to body, mind, and spirit. And if I choose a word I can’t relate to that day, I toss it back in the basket and select a replacement. I feel that way about “Purification” on most days.

I found on a website the idea that because angels can be seen as inner companions, the cards that represent them can help us experience deeper levels of understanding. In any event, I like the idea that the cards somehow provide guidance and help me reflect each morning on what’s important.

I’m thinking about adding my own special words to my collection—one word per card. For instance, I could add “Generosity,” “Artistic,” and “Peace.” Other angel card ideas for Goalies could start with “Golden” and could also include “Confidence” and “Healthy,” etc. Feel free to make your own cards with your own words and use them in your own way.

Readers, consider joining us when we Golden Goalies return to regular meetings, probably this month. I have the feeling we might benefit from each other to share experiences and to become as healthy as we want to be.

Our regular meetings probably will be Saturday from 7:40 to 8 a.m., but contact Janice Cournoyer at 480-802-0348 for a July update.