Good health: Great blessing


Rina Cupples

Your northern relatives probably don’t want to hear about our 80-degree weather. My brother in Connecticut, experiencing freezing temperatures and bouts of snow, certainly doesn’t. It’s spring here in the Valley. And I’m counting my blessings!

Another great blessing is maintaining good health. You’ve heard plenty about including, continuing or even ramping up your physical activity, and about being mindful to consume fresh (organic if possible) produce, dairy products and meat. Not eating so much sweet treats, because sugar contributes to inflammation in the cells, causing them to deteriorate. That one’s the most difficult for me.

There is another means by which we can help our bodies maintain, and even return to, balanced good health. That is obtainable by giving yourself Reiki on a daily basis. Reiki is a word for the healing-balancing energy of The Creator. Classes are offered right here in Sun Lakes.

A Reiki Level 1 Class will be offered in March, taught by Reiki Master Teacher Rina Cupples at her home in Palo Verde. If you have interest in learning hands-on healing, please leave your name and phone number for Rina at 480-883-7747.

During class, you will learn how to receive and give healing-balancing energy to yourself to support your Highest Good, and learn how to help your loved ones … yes, even your beloved pets. You will receive a Student Notebook so you can review what you’ve learned. You’ll discover other ways to use Reiki for your benefit and to help others. Four attunements are given, allowing free flow of energy through the energy meridians in your body.

A Second Level Reiki Class will be offered in April. Please call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699 if you have received First Level Training and want to deepen your experience in healing.

Reiki helps in many ways. It assists your body in its natural healing process of homeostasis, maintaining or returning to normalcy and balance. It helps reduce or eliminate pain and provides you with a feeling of deep inner peace.

My step-mom – who is 101 – and living in her own apartment in Kijkduin, Netherlands, says, “When you have your health, you’re a millionaire.” I heartily agree!

Lois and I welcome you to classes. You are also welcome to join the Reiki Circle, meeting every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in Room A-2 in the Cottonwood courtyard, where you can experience a brief Reiki treatment. We look forward to meeting you.