Pastor Ray Corlew, Oasis of Grace Church

Grudges! Many of us have held them for short or long periods of time. They are one of the main stealers of our joy.

Many ask, what really is a grudge? My interpretation could be the residual of mental and emotional offenses.

These grudges can be directed towards an individual, group of people, circumstances or even aimed at God.

The Bible shows that grudges have existed from the beginning of mankind; Cain had a grudge against Abel, King Saul against David and Queen Jezebel against the prophet Elijah. In each case the result was tragic.

Look into your heart. Can you identify any grudges? They usually are very easy to spot, because they are ever present. In fact, if you have to search for one, it likely is not a grudge.

But what do we do with grudges? They usually have a lasting, tenacious hold, are deeply rooted and not easily dislodged.

The real healing answer is this, bring them to God. Talk to God in your prayers and let Him know how you feel and what you are thinking. Then tell God you are sorry and ask forgiveness for holding this grudge and the person who caused the situation. You will be happy and pleased with the freedom this brings.

Grudge free! That should be our daily goal.