GSLCF Awards Grant to the Apple Club

Members of the Foundation’s board of directors: President Emeritus Richard Hawkes, Treasurer Jeanne Becker, President Bill Carpenter, Director Frank Gould, and Secretary Cheryl Ravenscroft pose with Gary Bross of the Sun Lakes Apple Club. (Photo by Jeanne Becker)

Jeanne Becker, Treasurer

The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation (GSLCF) has made a grant of $1,000 to Gary Bross of the Sun Lakes Apple Club to help with their needs for new equipment.

Founded in March of 2017, the Sun Lakes Apple Club has grown to over 300 members. In January of 2023 the club was registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with a goal to educate Sun Lakers on Apple products. Gary Bross said, “Our mission is to provide a positive forum that is educational, supportive, and fun—where we can all get the most from our Apple devices, regardless of our knowledge levels. We are a ‘no-fee’ club, and our objective is to remain so. As always, we invite new members to join.”

Classes are held the first Monday of each month in the Cottonwood Country Club Phoenix Room. To register, visit our website Then, under “Upcoming Events,” click on the “Details” of the event to find the date, time, and place of the event, and then follow the instructions under “Register Now” to sign up for the event. In addition, we supplement these classes with additional sessions at the Apple Store in the Chandler Mall.

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