GSLCF Awards Grant to the Arizona Rangers

Members of the Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation Board of Directors: Director Frank Gould, Treasurer Jeanne Becker, Sun Lakes Rangers Captain Ron Burchett, President Bill Carpenter, Sun Lakes Ranger Lt. Scott Murdock, Secretary Cheryl Ravenscroft, Director Charlene Petragallo (photo by Jeanne Becker)

Jeanne Becker, Treasurer, Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation

The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation (GSLCF) has made a grant of $5,000 to Captain Ron Burchett of the Sun Lakes Rangers. This grant is specifically for the Sun Lakes Rangers to purchase first responder kits and AEDs for their vehicles that patrol the Sun Lakes area. Arizona Rangers Sun Lakes Company, as well as the other 22 Arizona Ranger companies throughout the state, are authorized under Arizona revised Statute 41-4201. The Arizona Rangers is an unpaid, non-commissioned civilian auxiliary that is available for the purpose of assisting and supporting law enforcement in Arizona.

The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation has been established to enhance the quality of life for the older population in the East Valley, including Sun Lakes residents, in the areas of health, safety, education, and culture. The Foundation gives grants and awards to local nonprofits, service organizations, and clubs to enhance their work in all our Sun Lakes communities. Our website has a complete list. Some of the more recent grants include Sun Lakes Agave Quilters Guild, Sun Lakes HeARTsy at Robson Reserve, Sun Lakes Apple Users Group, Sun Lakes Rock, Gem & Silver Club, Sun Lakes Community Theatre—ImproVables, AFMA—Firefighters Food Fund, and the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club. If you are part of an organization that needs financial support and wish to apply for a grant or an award, please go to