Halloween Pet Parade winners

Picasso the dog dressed as Picasso the Painter

Picasso the dog dressed as Picasso the Painter

Sandi Bargioni and Judy Gahide

Under sunny blue skies, Lake Diamond sparkled and the grounds were pristine for hosting the sixth annual Halloween Pet Parade. Dog tunes, such as Who Let the Dogs Out and How Much is that Doggie in the Window? made the festivities lively.

There were numerous costumes deserving of a win and our judges were challenged choosing the finalists. You were all winners in our eyes. This year’s prize winners were:

Adrian, Bearded Collie and Gertrude, a Border Collie dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Owner: Dorothy Bell

Chynna, a Yorkie dressed as a Pile of Leaves

Owner: Marlene Odegard

Sophie and Jazmine, Teacup Yorkies dressed as Fluttering Butterflies

Owner: Shanyn Engler (third year in a row she won)

Picasso the Havanese dressed as Picasso the painter

Owners: Bill and Joan Bachand

Sandi, Buster and Ginger, Miniature Poodles dressed as The Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion from the Wizard of Oz

Owners: Bob and Jan Johnston and Matthew and Ryan Price

Ozzie and Gracie Rose, Poodles dressed as a Bride and Groom

Owner: Marilyn Russell

Charlie, a Shi Tzu-dressed as a disco princess

Owner: Glenna Reines

Laddee, Stripes, Sunnee and Arnee, Yorkies all dressed as Jack O’Lanterns in a carriage

Owners: Chris and Lin Mank

Rosie, a Westie dressed as the Pope

Owner: Marie Johnson

Winston, a Poodle/Bijon mix dressed as the Holy Hound, aka The Pope

Owner: Mary Erwin

We are blessed to have such a beautiful community in which to live, with such enjoyable actives and amenities. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to next year when we will once again see the creativity of our many homeowners.