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Marge Rasmussen

Marge Rasmussen

Marge Rasmussen celebrates her 90th birthday

Marge Rasmussen celebrated her 90th birthday joined by 70 friends and members of her family. The gathering was held at the Sun Lakes United Methodist Church on Thursday, June 1.

She was born Marjorie Yvonne Snyder in Page, Nebraska, on May 28, 1927. She and her husband Bud moved to Sun Lakes in 2003. Since then, Marge has been very active in the community. She is a UMW Circle leader and on the Health Council at the Methodist Church. She is a member of P.E.O. Chapter CY, plays golf with the Palo Verde Ladies and plays with several bridge groups. She also enjoys reading, puzzles, theatre, walking most mornings and any kind of games.

Marge was a career nurse for 57 years. Her husband Bud passed away in 2010. She has four children, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Her secret to a long life is keeping her mind sharp, exercising regularly and always having a positive attitude.