A very happy group of golfers

A very happy group of golfers!

A very happy group of golfers!

Marcella Brown

For all of you who have started the planning process for returning to Ironwood’s sunny skies, we look forward to welcoming you back. For all of you who are new to Ironwood, we welcome you as well. Just wait until you see what we have in store for you! Our newly renovated golf course will be opened later this month. Visit our website often at www.ironwoodladies.info for up-to-the- minute news on the exact opening day.

Our website is also a treasure trove of history, events, photographs and membership particulars. We welcome all new members to join us for our fun-filled Thursday league play. On that note, Thursday, November 10 is our annual Member-Guest Day. This 10:00 a.m. shotgun has only a few spots left in the 64 person field. Sign up information for this is also on the website, as are details about the event.

The last summer league golf day will be held on Wednesday, October 5 with an 8:30 a.m. tee time at Sun Lakes Golf Course. As usual, sign up is a $13 check. The cooler weather will make this a pleasant event. Enjoy!