Happy new opportunity

Rev. Jerry McGhee, Pastor Sun Lakes Community Church

We have a New Year and soon a new President and new opportunities to experience. God is so good to those of us who live in Sun Lakes. After years of work and raising our families, we have been given the chance to live in this grand community with its amenities.

I have been told by a few friends that they are so busy they wonder how they had time to work before retiring. Obviously, they are not busy doing the same things. Unfortunately, many are so busy that they haven’t found time to give God the time and acknowledgment He is due. One of the things I have said to many friends is, “We have fewer days ahead of us than we have behind us, so we really ought to make time for God.”

Because I am a pastor, some think that when I note the brevity of our future that I am just recruiting members for the church, but quite honestly, that is not my motivation. I really do believe that God is due our time and acknowledgment and I have personally found that such acknowledgement has rewards. I am a happier and much more at peace human being because of God.

So, in this New Year, let me invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities to be found in Sun Lakes, and also to make the time to acknowledge God. Your life will be better for it.