Happy new year from the Golden Goalies

Bea Loozer

We’re starting a New Year. Doesn’t that stimulate you take stock and make some commitments — also known as resolutions?

One of the traditions at Golden Goalies is to begin the year with a resolution luncheon. You can probably guess what most of our resolutions center around, but they do extend beyond weight. It is a good time to make some changes, no matter how slight, which can result in our becoming healthier, kinder, more active, more positive, or just better in any way.

I’m hoping, as I write this, that most of us fared well in the quest to keep our weight at or below what it was at the beginning of the holiday season. It was a pre-2017 resolution that most of us made. We celebrate everyone who was successful at that resolution and welcome everyone who is saying “Oh well” and putting that challenge behind them.

The beginning of the year is also a time to acknowledge that even though things could be better, they’re not so bad. We are not so bad. In fact, I feel like focusing on what’s good in my life. And I intend to remember each day that “the past is over. This is a new day, one that I have never lived before. I can stay in the now and enjoy each moment.”

Start the New Year with a positive outlook with our group. Join us, won’t you, for support, encouragement, shared wisdom, and some good laughs? Weigh-in is between 7:00-7:40 a.m. in the Mirror Room of Sun Lakes Country Club. The meeting starts after weigh-in next door in the Friendship Room. Contact Rita  at 895-2559 for more information.