Havurah Chai Jewish singles

There is a miracle called friendship that lives within the heart, you’re not sure how it happens but know it from the start. The happiness it brings always gives a special lift, and you realize that friendship is such a precious gift.

Havurah Chai is moving right along and if you are missing from our Havurah you are also missing new friends and great times together. We have a fabulous social event each month and the dues are your smiles!

Our next outing will be March 15 at 6:00 p.m. at Floridino’s Restaurant for dinner. The “Flor” is at the Granada Plaza, 590 North Alma School Rd., Chandler AZ. Our hosts will be Ann Baumrind and Jeanne Capeloto. Please call Ann at 802-7531; email [email protected]; or call Jeanne at 895-0739 to make your reservations.

We will attend the Hale Theater in Gilbert on April 16 at 300 p.m. to view The Diary of Anne Frank. After the play, there will be dinner at the San Tan Brewery in downtown Chandler. Reservations are required for this event and our hosts will be Charlie Gerson at 829-8220; email [email protected] and Anne Teplitsky at 706-0715; email [email protected] Please remit a check to Charlie in the amount of $28 for your ticket to the play and mail the check to him at 9137 E. Diamond Dr., Sun Lakes 85248.

May 19 brings an enjoyable visit to Bashas’ Western Art Museum followed by dinner. Mel Moss and Sharon Beck are the hosts and in June we will be cruising on the Dolly Steamboat hosted by Ann Baumrind, Sandy Schmalzbach and Lainy Sardina.

Rides are available to all events and just a phone call away to the host of that event.

It’s Chai time to Misiba (party)!

If you would like more information on our Havurah Chai please contact Lainy Sardina at [email protected] or phone 480-895-0974.