Health and wellness at Sun Lakes United Methodist Church

Terrie Phannenstill, Faith Community Nurse

The Health and Wellness Ministry of Sun Lakes United Methodist Church wishes everyone a safe and healthy summer here in sunny and hot Arizona. Remember to stay well hydrated; drinking eight glasses of water is recommended unless you have a medical condition that requires low fluid intake. Please remember to use sunscreen and if you notice suspicious spots on your skin get checked by a dermatologist immediately.

We will begin our fall programs on Tuesday, September 9, with a presentation of “The Upcoming Arizona Ballot Measures” by Eric Ehst, Executive Director of Neighbors Who Care. We hope you will come and hear our speaker in Room 4 of the Education Building at Sun Lakes UMC, 9248 E. Riggs Road in Sun Lakes or call 480-895-8766 for more information. Look for details of future programs in your next September Splash.