Helpful tips

R. Buchanan

“We need to get rid of all this stuff in the garage.” “A few months ago I had to go back east for a week. The forecast was for snow and rain. I hated to spend several hundred dollars to buy a coat.”

What to do?

Help is here! A few months ago, Goodwill opened a new store on Arizona Avenue, just south of Riggs (there is an entrance off Riggs).

Go to the back of the store and drop off the stuff from the garage (and the closet(s). The employee will take the stuff and give you a receipt. If you itemize deductions on your taxes, you will need to take a picture of the stuff.

Then, drive around to the front and head inside. Here are just a few things people have purchased:

The winter coat for the trip – $7.50

A large glass flower vase – $.99

Big bath towels to be cut up and used for washing the cart – $2

An umbrella – $1.50

Go over and wander.

One more thing. Saturday seems to be sale day.

At checkout, the cashier will explain how you can donate your change to help Goodwill. Everyone wins.

Last thing. I already looked for a Babe Ruth signed rookie baseball card; ain’t there!