“Here Comes the Sun”

Harry Huckemeyer

As the days move by, I’m sure that we’re all aware that soon the summer months will be here. It’s no secret that many of our friends will be packing and going back to other areas to see their friends and families. March has been a really busy month with so many opportunities to get out and enjoy the pretty predicable weather and do whatever you enjoy best. Many schools are on their spring break, and with Easter only days away, we will also see some new visitors who will be coming to spend some time with their loved ones and also enjoy everything we have to offer, both in the Sun Lakes area and the state.

Our Railroad Club has been doing well, and with the cooperation of the staff at the Chandler Railroad Museum, we were able to conduct one of our monthly meetings in one of the luxurious parlor cars located there, and also be a part of their annual Railroad Day recently. Our club had a 20-foot operating layout in one of the Super Coaches open to the public, and it was a great day for all who took advantage of that opportunity. I heard that there were about 1690 railroad enthusiasts who were accounted for, and I’m sure almost every one of them got to pass through the coach we were located in. Really an enjoyable day, and a great way to meet new people with similar interests. For those interested, the museum is open on weekends from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located in the southwest corner of Tumbleweed Park off Ryan and Arizona Avenue. A trip through the Super Coaches and the privately-owned railroad cars and the opportunity to speak to the owners is well worth the minimal price of admission to enter.

This is the busy time of the year for us. We have a work session scheduled for preparation of an event coming up in Apache Junction, and our schedule is pretty full right up to the time we close down for the summer break. Interested parties are always welcome. With the events we have scheduled, our meetings may conflict with the events on our schedule. Feel free to call 480-802-4976 or make contact with us by email at [email protected] for any further information regarding our club membership. There are several new projects that may be of interest to some and opportunities for those who enjoy getting involved with hands-on projects, both within our club and with outside sources. Got some spare time? Why not check it out? Enjoy—Have a great day.