Hits & Misses Bowling League

Ruth Andersen

March High Scratch Series and High Scratch Games and Position Day winner results for second half of the season, from Jan. 11, 2021, to April 5, 2021:

High Scratch Series:

3/01. Men: Rick Bell 617, Bob Welch 523; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 541, Bobi Lebowich 450

3/08. Men: Eldon Drenthe 631, Steve Hull 534; Women: Bobi Lebowich 575, Sharon Zubchevich 480

3/15. Men: Tim Billman 566, Hal Newton 566, Steve Hull 506; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 553, Tammy Visser 514

3/22. Men: Eldon Drenthe 603, Ken Reidenbach 486; Women: Tammy Visser 579, Bobi Lebowich 444

3/29. Men: Steve Hull 567, Tim Billman 469; Women: Bobi Lebowich 477, Tammy Visser 476

High Scratch Game:

3/01. Men: Tim Billman 246, Hal Newton 194; Women: Sheryl Anderson 180, Tammy Visser 170

3/08. Men: Tim Billman 217, Hal Newton 201; Women: Inez Scheer 172, Sheryl Anderson 142

3/15. Men: Keith Meller 194, Eldon Drenthe 187; Women: Bobi Lebowich 190, Ruth Andersen 170

3/22. Men: Hank Mathias 184, Bob Brogan 175; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 215, Pat Smith 161

3/29. Men: Eldon Drenthe 216, Hank Mathias 182; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 188, Ruth Andersen 150

Our last day of bowling, which was our position day, results are:

High Scratch Series:

4/05. Men: Bob Welch 587, Tim Billman 506; Women: Sharon Zubchevich 594, Ruth Andersen 434

High Scratch Game:

4/05. Men: Hal Newton 200, Steve Hull 181; Women: Tammy Visser 193, Sheryl Anderson 193, Lucy Tucker 130

First place winners for the second half of season are Team 7: Sheryl Anderson, Inez Scheer, Jim Parrault, and Captain Eldon Drenthe; Second Place: Luis Albaracin, Ruth Andersen, Bob Kees, and Captain Tim Billman; Third Place (point tie with Second Place): Bobi Lebowich, Jennie Duvall, Ken Reidenbach, and Captain Rick Bell. Congratulations to all.

New and previous bowlers, please call our secretary/treasurer Rick Bell at 661-713-8855 to sign up for our “start off the week right with Monday morning bowling at 10:30 a.m. at Kyrene Lanes.” Meeting and start dates to be posted later. Meanwhile, have a wonderful, happy, healthy summer ’til we see you in the fall.