Hits and Misses League

Arlene Burkhardt

The following are the high scores for the last week of our bowling season.

4/04. Men – High Scratch Series: Bob Welch 630 and Tony Halkiadakis 567; High Scratch Game: Terry Lochbaum 236 and Ed Poltonavage 209; Women – High Scratch Series: Arlene Burkhardt 492 and Tammy Visser 477; High Scratch Game: Ruth Andersen 182 and Donna Bole 170

On April 11 we had our sweeper and the following were the first place winners.

Men – High Scratch Series: John Curly 616; High Handicap Series: Ted Rapaelian 691; Women – High Scratch Series: Joan Houchen 512; High Handicap Series: Claire Ziegler 653

Our 1st place winning team for the season was Team No. 1 consisting of Ann Habel, William Remmert, Patricia Curtis and Bob Welch.

Our Men’s High Average for the season was Tony Halkiadakis with a 197.

Our Women’s High Average for the season was Joan Houchen with a 161.

Our Men’s Most Improved Average was Larry Habel with 23 pins.

Our Women’s Most Improved Average was Irene Olson with 15 Pins.

We hope everyone has a good summer and we will see you all back in the fall.