Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas

Kim Kubsch

Proper holiday décor storage can help keep your space clean, protect your items, and make setting up for future holidays easier. From keeping wreaths in good condition with garment bags to repurposing egg cartons for ornaments, there are lots of ways to organize and store your holiday décor.

Declutter Old Décor: Review all of your holiday décor and let go of anything broken or unused from this year. Decluttering old items will minimize the number of holiday decorations you put into storage and save you some time next year when you are putting up your holiday decorations! If you plan to move in the upcoming year, downsize the décor now rather than take it with you.

Categorize Seasonal Décor in Clear Storage Bins: A simple home storage hack is to organize all of your décor by holiday! Put items in clear, stackable bins and label by occasion and décor type for easy identification. For example, put all Thanksgiving centerpieces in one box and 4th of July outdoor décor in another to help save time and prevent confusion throughout the year. Use masking tape and a sharpie to label each bin.

Great Visibility Using Clear Garment Bags: Not sure how to store larger holiday décor? Try garment bags! These bags help protect clothing from damage and dust while in storage—and they can do the same for your decorations! Cover any festive wreaths, door signs, stockings, and artificial trees using garment bags to help protect your holiday décor year-round.

Creative Containers: Don’t buy expensive containers for holiday storage. Take advantage of storage containers or empty boxes you already have! Try storing Christmas wrapping paper in a repurposed wire trash can or keeping all of your string lights in an old suitcase.

Door Storage Is Very Versatile: If your closet or storage room has a door, take advantage of the vertical space by using hanging door storage! With a clear shoe organizer or hanging bins, you can easily store holiday ornaments, wreaths, door signs, wrapping paper, ribbons, and much more in an easy-to-access place!

Wrap Décor Around Cardboard: Prevent the headache of untangling twinkle lights, streamers, garland, and bead strands by wrapping them around a piece of old cardboard. Dismantle the holiday gift boxes to create various sizes of cardboard.

Reuse Toilet Paper Tubes: Old toilet paper tubes are excellent for storing string lights, extension cords, and other miscellaneous holiday décor items. Simply stack the tubes inside of a holiday storage container to keep items neat and tidy!

Store Small Décor in Egg Cartons: If you have small holiday décor that’s fragile and hard to store, try using an empty egg carton to keep your decorations safe. This budget-friendly holiday storage idea is great for keeping precious ornaments, glass pumpkins, or Easter trinkets protected while in storage.

Holiday décor has special memories, and protecting your investment is easy and affordable. If purchasing more décor is a habit of yours, think about letting go of one item for each new item you bring into the house.

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