Humane Society of the White Mountains needs your help

Hi Neighbors, we need your help! We are volunteers with the Humane Society of White Mountain (HSWM), and they are looking for all of your old cell phones, iPads, Tablets and empty name-brand (HP, Brother, Epson, etc.) toner and ink cartridges. We will come to you and pick them up. The HSWM has partnered with the Funding Factoring, the leading fund-raising through recycling company in the U.S. The program runs year round and will give the HSWM shelter much needed funds. The HSWM is a tax-free organization, and donations are a tax write-off.

For additional information or to arrange for me to pick up a donation, call Sheila at 480-883-8919. Please support the HSWM. They really need your help!