Hunt Highway improvement project

Maricopa County and the River Indian Community have signed an intergovernmental agreement, which allows for improvements on the Hunt Highway alignment from Dobson Road to Old Price Road.

The Hunt Highway alignment from Old Price Road to Dobson Road, which is presently unpaved, provides an alternate access for residents west of Old Price Road. This alignment lies within a Maricopa County right of way and a Community right of way easement on the Gila River Indian Community Reservation.

The parties plan to pave Hunt Highway from Dobson Road to Old Price Road. The Community agrees to design the Project. The County agrees to construct the Project.

The County shall construct the project so long as the County receives money sufficient to cover the full cost of constructing the project from the Community’s Proposition 202 funds. No Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) will be spent on the Project.

The Gila River Indian Community agrees to permanently access to Old Price Road from Hunt Highway. Only utility providers will have access to Old Price Road to maintain equipment.

The County will submit an application for a grant to the Community’s Proposition 202 grant program in an amount sufficient to construct the project.

When awarded the grant, the County shall act as the lead agency for the construction of the project.

When Hunt Highway is paved, the Community will install a permanent fence within its right of way along Riggs Road right of way that includes a security gate with a daisy chain that only the utility providers have access to from the north for limited purpose of maintenance of utilities.

The main purpose for this agreement is to alleviate the air quality issues caused to Sun Lakes residents from vehicle traffic on Old Price Road.

During the period required to work the agreement, the County will on a regularly-scheduled timeframe apply a dust suppressant to Old Price Road.