I Heard Their Cries, I See Their Needs

Barbara Jensen

Barbara Jensen

At the age of eight, Barbara Jensen started reaching out to the elderly and serving their needs, which was very important to her, even as a young girl. As she grew up, she continued to make other people’s lives better; her life became about blessing the lives of others. She volunteered in assisted living houses, and eventually founded her own facility, which she managed for 20 years. The Carraway Houses offered private, residential respite care, and senior day care for the elderly. Barbara operated her organization with a philosophy of offering personalized, professional, and quality care, which made a difference in attitude, behavior, and emotional well-being for the senior residents. She worked closely to accommodate a healthy sequence of nutrition, exercise, and mind and body stimulation in a private-home atmosphere to effect optimal results.

Barbara then started in-home care, providing the finest quality and healthy lifestyle; personalized care provided in a thoughtful and attentive manner. Learning about and addressing clients’ needs is rewarding in many ways for both Barbara and her clients.

“Their contentment and smiles mean so much to me,” says Barbara. “My Christian values guide everything I do. God gave me a calling for touching other people’s lives.”

Over the years, Barbara even sometimes cared for her clients with her own savings when their money ran out. Many of her clients have families but very few visitors. “Helping hurting people is part of my DNA,” she says. “As I grew up in my Christian walk, I would look for the hurting and hungry, the needy, the lost, and the lonely. God touched my life in many ways, and I saw the hurts others didn’t see. I helped heal the broken hearts by finding out what was underneath it all. In my search for answers and my selfless concern for their well-being, I spent many hours with them, only to find out their hurting hearts and loneliness was the answer. My hands were made for helping.”

Love really is a splendid calling, Barbara believes. She urges others to not hide their heart, but to give it to God, and to be all you can be and do all you can do for others. Barbara believes in keeping loved ones together.

Barbara’s commitment and care offers the elderly a healthy lifestyle and wellness. Her Christian values and the joy she receives from helping others drives her to reach out and touch the lives of the elderly. Her kindness reaches the hearts of many, and she continues to provide a loving, healthful, and sharing environment to seniors. You can reach out to Barbara for her Advanced Senior Care services by calling her at 602-359-0080.