Ignite your passion for a Modern Health and Wellness Center

Sue Schwartz

To see what investing in health and wellness means, look into the faces of your neighbors as they stand on their own for the first time in years, or dance with a granddaughter at her wedding, or cross the finish line at a local walking event. These life moments are priceless. They provide everyone with great joy and satisfaction. These moments are possible because the CWPV Health and Wellness Center helped individuals reverse or slow the declines associated with aging and lifestyle.

Many organizations grasp why it’s important to offer these opportunities. Others still lack a clear understanding. Let’s talk about the most compelling reasons for CWPV to give our residents these options.

Health and Wellness opportunities are not just a “cool thing” to offer. Nor are they a marketing ploy or a retention tool. Programs, environments and spaces can inspire older people to transform their lives, leading to benefits that have a higher meaning.

Physical activity not only supports quality of life, independence and improved function — physical, cognitive and social — in people ages 50 and older, it also impacts virtually every aspect of society. Don’t believe me? Consider the impact on your life if you were to lose your ability to function day-to-day. For example, how would you interact with all that you take for granted — family, friends, community? How would you get around? Who would you rely on for assistance, and would they always be available? How would your mental health change? Would your cognitive abilities diminish along with your physical ones? And what would you pay to restore your function?

“Transformational” is no understatement when we describe the benefits of a Health and Wellness Center with appropriate programing for older adults.

These are the vital reasons to provide a modern Health and Wellness Center for our homeowners. When health and wellness become our goals, older homeowners and their families will feel the higher purpose behind CWPV amenities.

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