IMGA events and activities

John Concannon, Publicity

As I start what I think is my 12th season of writing for IMGA, we are facing a lot of changes to our community in general and to the Ironwood Golf Club. I am sure that you are aware of the management changes to IronOaks. To date, the general consensus seems to be that things are better as a result of the changes. As for the Ironwood Golf Club, the major rework of the course is complete but there are still rough spots to be worked out. The Pro Shop has been redecorated and will be open for business as you read this article.

The Ironwood Clubhouse now has a new Food and Beverage Manager in the person of Mike Sheahan and the club will be open seven days a week and will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. A new feature for our course will be a roving beverage cart. I know a lot of us like to bring our own beverages with us, but, I hope that enough people support this attempt to upgrade our course to justify its addition.

At the recent Board meeting, the Board decided to hold the 2017 membership dues at 2016 levels. I believe this is the third year that the fees have remained constant. It is very refreshing in a world of ever increases prices.

A new tournament is in the planning stages. It is called the IronOaks Ryder Cup. It will be a two day event played at Ironwood on November 15 and at Oakwood on November 17; this tournament ads a new element to our array of events. Details regarding format of the games, food and beverage, etc. will have been posted prior to publication of this article. It sounds like a great new tournament.

We are all aware of the recent passing of Steve Kirschner. Steve was a member and strong supporter of IMGA and will be long missed by his many friends. Fortunately, Al McCormick has volunteered to assume Steve’s duties for IMGA and we thank you, Al, for your service.

Once again, it is time to start thinking about your support of the Men’s Club beyond playing on Tuesdays. Election of the 2017 Board of Directors will be upon us soon. Anyone interested in serving on the Board should contact Gene McIntyre. All board positions are open.

On a personal note, I met Trish Huff at a recent IMGA Board meeting. I was impressed with her experience, but, more so, by her understanding of what part organizations like IMGA play in the success of a golf course and her desire to make things a success here at Ironwood.