IMGA Golfer of the Month

IMGA Golfer of the Month, Bill Pender

IMGA Golfer of the Month, Bill Pender

Bruce McCorkle

Canadian Bill Pender recently became a U.S. citizen and is the IMGA Golfer of the Month.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Bill was the youngest of four. His construction worker father and stay-at-home mother created a stable environment where the kids could play and work with full family support.

His youthful employment included shoveling snow for pocket money, running a 75-customer paper route in all types of weather, and working at a lawn bowling facility.

However, sports soon became the dominant after-school activity, and he was always on the go with hockey, baseball, and football games.

His parents were his biggest influence and instilled in him many values: being on time (he’s never tardy), respect for elders, respect for women, and how to manage his money (abhorring debt).

He had the privilege of meeting baseball Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson whose advice to the young players was to pursue your goals no matter what!

While his father was a strict disciplinarian, his mother was his biggest fan and instilled in him a sense of humor. Whether he was on the ice, field, or diamond, she was always there supporting his efforts.

Sundays were for church and renewing family ties with trips to the Polish, German, and Irish immigrant grandparents, uncles, and cousins and enjoying a great variety of ethnic foods.

Bill met his wife Jen on a baseball diamond in 1995 while she was playing third base in a fastball league. Bill did not strike out!

A government job inspecting water/sewer installations enabled him to advance into computer programming and ultimately to the finance department as the youngest office manager at 28.

He later started a new business in the wooden pallet and bed frame manufacturing facility and learned a lot about business practice and long hours.

He ultimately found his passion not far from where he originally grew up with Consumers Glass. As a kid, he used to sneak through a hole in the fence to steal pop bottles to take to the grocery store and get 2 cents each for pocket money. Little did he know that he would work for that company for 30 years and retire from there as a Corporate Quality Manager. He then moved to the U.S. and applied his skills in the Glass Container industry for 13 years with Gallo Wines in California.

The process of becoming a U.S. citizen took 13 years and was one of his greatest accomplishments… along with raising two amazing daughters.

Picking up golf only six years ago, Bill has spent most of his time trying to better himself as a golfer. The sibling competitiveness among the three Pender brothers is entertaining to watch.

His ready smile and sense of humor helps set a happy tone for those who have the privilege to play with him. But when it comes time to tee off, watch out… he is very competitive.

Congratulations, Bill and Jen, for becoming U.S. citizens and thanks for being a part of our community!