IMGA June News and Events

Mike Willinger

Dan Yonker, Treasurer

Dan offered that we still have a surplus over last year. He offered we will have to take a hard look at next year’s financial planning and consider known or anticipated increases in some costs.

Bill Ranney, Greens and Grounds

The tree trimming continues on the course. A message will be forthcoming reminding members that with the rakes now in place on the course, we should again be raking after hitting sand shots.

Dick Winkleman, Handicap

Dick has offered possibilities for adjusting a handicap for medical reasons. The topic will be discussed at the next board meeting in the fall.

Rich Rathburn, Prize Committee

Many thanks to Rich and his team in getting the results out the same day as the tournament.

Dan Smith, Tournament Director

Dan has completed a revision to the structure for the Club Championship. He has prepared a new flyer that will be used for next year’s event.

Wayne Karp, Internet

The new member package on how to participate in the league is on the website and appears to be working.

Bob Clark, President

Bob was asked to attend a meeting on the proposed Ironwood clubhouse renovation. He offered that the design is evolving, and it’s expected that it will be fall before a more definitive design will be completed.

Results: First Place:

April 6, Member/Member: Flight 1: Bob Love, Ward Stone; Fight 2: Paul Dinardo, Mark Palmatier; Flight 3: Dan Hewitt, Russell Cauffman; Flight 4: Dennis Schepp, Milt Sharpe

April 6, Individual Low Net (PM): Flight 1: Keith Landry; Flight 2: Joe Vitton; Flight 3: Leon Hapka; Fight 4: James Coughlin

April 13, Beat the Pro: First place: Michael Salscheider

April 20, Cha Cha Cha (AM): (tie) Mike Scroggins, Richard Rathburn, Floyd Mullen, Jerry Hedberg tied with Richard Popham, Steven Vandergriff, Charles Goodwin, William McConnell

April 20, Cha Cha Cha (PM): (4-way tie) Lloyd Entringer, Richard Winkelman, Jack Cook; Dale Bassi, Bob Lobban, Joe Vitton, Robert Melhuish; Wayne Karp, Frank LaSilvia, Paul Beeks, Karl Ludwig; Tim Atkinson, Jerry Arenas, Thomas Reale, Dave Connolly

April 27, Individual Low Net (AM): Flight 1: Steven Vandergriff; Flight 2: Scott Kenyon; Flight 3: John Rolfe; Flight 4: Philip Stone; Flight 5: Michael John Kozak

April 27, Individual Low Net (PM): Flight 1: Joseph Ferrazza; Flight 2: Russell Cauffman; Flight 3: Gary Tronson; Flight 4: Robert Deken

May 4, Two-Man Team Stableford (AM): Flight 1: Mike Scroggins, Tom Hewitt; Flight 2: Dan Hewitt, Frank LaSalvia; Flight 3: Phillip Stone, William McConnell

May 4, Two Man Team Stableford (PM): Flight 1: John Skoworn, Gary Tronson; Flight 2: Jim Ray, James Coughlin