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Bruce McCorkle

Flying Pigs

Are pigs now flying? Did the swallows stop coming back to Capistrano? Did the Cardinals win the Super Bowl? Are Canada geese now flying North for the winter? Did Hell freeze over? Well, something is amiss in the universe, because for the first time in recorded history, the IMGA Ryder cup team trounced MOGA.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t the lower handicapped IMGA players who won the day. In fact, the A players lost by 4. The B and C players carried their own weight and pushed. It was the D players who charged ahead and gained victory for IMGA. Thanks to Tom Decker, Ross Serold, Jim Cloud, Joe D’Amore, Richard Winkelman, Jerry Pederson, Gayle King, Ted Osborne, Kurt Fiebig, John Anderson, Karl Becker, Bill Lacey Bill Schauermann, and Don Milberger for their outstanding performance!

2020 Membership Dues – must have been paid by Dec. 15. If you made your payment after Dec. 15, it could make you ineligible for IMGA play until after Jan. 15.

Your Course Handicap will be going down starting in 2020. The World Handicap System (WHS) goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. Information regarding the changes is available on the homepage of the IMGA website.

Golfer of the Month: Bill Pender—please refer to the Golfer of the Month article.

IMGA Slate of Officers for 2020 were elected (thank you for your service)

President Joe D’Amore, Vice President Bob Clark, Secretary Ross Serold, Treasurer Dan Jonker

Treasurer’s Report: The league’s finances are in good shape and the Treasurer’s Report will be shown on the IMGA website.

Prize Committee: Rich Rathburn stated that his committee is now complete and working well. We owe Rich and his team a debt of gratitude for their speedy posting of the payouts.

Tournaments: Dan Smith reported the Ryder Cup was won by Ironwood for the first time, and we need to get the trophy to IW clubhouse.

Rules: John Davis reported on the issue of cell phone use during play and that the Rules of Golf allow the board to decide what disciplinary action is appropriate if a member disrupts the game due to cell phone usage.

Internet: Wayne Karp continues to do an amazing job of designing and managing the IMGA website:

Weekly Tournament Results:

12/10 AM: 4 Man Team Individual Stableford: First Place – Steve Vandergriff, Ed Cauffman, Gary Hutchinson

12/10 PM: 4 Man Team Individual Stableford: Lloyd Entringer, Paul Beeks, Dick Winkelman, James Wegman

12/3 AM: 1 Gross 1 Net: First Place – Bruce McCorkle, Jim Martin, Nick Klaver, Larry Johnson

12/3 PM: 1 Gross 1 Net: First Place – Joseph Ferrazza, Paul Dinardo, Mario Del Col, Tom Wheaton

11/19 AM: 4 Man Shramble: First Place – John White, Russell Cauffman, Jerry Pederson, Richard Loyd

11/12 AM: 2 Scores/Hole: First Place (tied) – John Skoworn, Allen Metz, Ron Wagener, Ron Olsen; John Carmichael, Rich Rathburn, Lou Blas, Chris Brown

10/12 PM: Ryder Cup against MOGA: IMGA Wins