IMGA News and Events

Bruce McCorkle

At the time of this printing, the Ironwood Cup results were not yet in. Stay tuned.

President Joe D’Amore and Bruce McCorkle have appealed to BlueStar to provide the four Ironwood Golf Leagues with an appropriate trophy case in the clubhouse after the upcoming renovations.

Treasurer Dan Jonker reports that the league’s financial status is similar to 2019. We are now paying the Ironwood Pro Shop for handling tournaments in order to lighten the load on volunteers.

Handicap Chairman Dick Winkleman says that IMGA has 239 regular members and 40 handicap only. All members have GHIN numbers and handicaps, and all GHIN numbers will be eight digits in the future.

Rich Rathburn, Prize Committee Chairman, is getting all of the IMGA winners paid in a timely fashion, and his system is running like a well-oiled machine! Thanks, Rich!

Al McCormick assures us that we will be well-fed in upcoming events, and the BlueStar’s new pricing system is easy to understand.

Dan Smith, Tournament Chairman, informs us that those competing for the Club Championship (starting March 3) will be playing from the blue tees. Everyone else will be playing from their normal tees.

Dick Winkelman is the IMGA Golfer of the Month for March. Please refer to the Golfer of the Month article elsewhere in this edition of the Splash.