IMGA News and Events

Bruce McCorkle

Ironwood Cup Winner Larry Gagnon is our new Ironwood Cup Champion. He maintained a solid lead for the first two days but received a serious challenge from John Skoworn, who closed the gap to just three strokes. The other results were 1st Place Winners: Flight 1: John Ward, Flight 2 John Skoworn, Flight 3: Larry Birlin, Flight 4: Richard Rathburn, Flight 5: Larry Gagnon, Flight 6: Don Milberger. Congratulations to our winners!

Our treasurer Dan Jonker reports that the league’s finances are in good shape.

Handicap chair Dick Winkelman notes that IMGA currently has 241 members and 42 handicap-only members.

Bill Ranney, greens and grounds chair, has requested that more sand be put in the bunkers.

Rich Rathburn, prize committee chair, continues to see that all winners are paid in a timely fashion. Thanks, Rich!

Our very own golf professional, Kevin Marugame, is the IMGA Golfer of the Month. Please look for his article elsewhere in this edition of the Splash.

We welcome Wayne Karp back from his long journey to take up the reins on the very sophisticated website he has built for us. Thanks to our secretary, Ross Serold, for handling the updating task in Wayne’s absence!

Ross Serold reminds us that new members will be allowed to play in the fourth quarter without a membership fee if they are AGA members. If not, they will be required to join AGA before playing in IMGA and becoming an IMGA member. So, if later in the year you have friends who want to play in IMGA, please tell them that they don’t have to wait until the new year.

Club Championship: Through Round 2 of our Club Championship, Mark Nilsen holds a one-stroke lead at 147 over Patrick McGowan from the Blue Tees. Frank Pender holds a one-stroke lead at 143 over Richard Popham Popham and Keith Landry. In the Super Senior Division, David Peltz has a six-point lead over Bill Beltz going into the third round. Good luck to all!

Weekly Tournament Results:

3/03 Club Championship – Blue Tees 1st Place – Flight 1: Mark Nilsen; White Tees – Flight 1: Frank Pender, Flight 2: Alan Gibbs, Flight 3: Thomas Reale; Black Tees: Leon Hapka

Remember Kevin Marugame’s quote in his “Golfer of the Month” article: “Golf is a lot like life. You learn to deal with the tough lies… and your next shot is another opportunity to excel!”