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2021 Ironwood Cup Winner Ted Osborne (trophy presented by IMGA President Bob Clark and Tournament Director Dan Smith)

2021 Ironwood Cup Winner Ted Osborne (trophy presented by IMGA President Bob Clark and Tournament Director Dan Smith)

Mike Willinger

Congratulations to Ted Osborne, the 2021 Winner of the Ironwood Cup. He finished the event with a net nine under par. The event was played every Tuesday for three weeks and concluded this week.

Congratulations also to the other flight winners: Flight 1: Bill Beltz, Flight 2: Russell Cauffman, Flight 3: Dennis Schwehr, Flight 4: Jim Hutchins, and Flight 6: James Wegman.

Many thanks to Dan Smith, tournament director, for managing the event, which included a one-week delay due to inclement weather.

Mike Willinger, Publicity

An article from GolfPass gave recognition to Ironwood Golf Course in its rankings for 2021. The article stated, “Well maintained, challenging, and a great length.” More information will be forthcoming from the Golf Staff and Blue Star.

Bruce McCorkle has made great progress in capturing photos for the 2021 album. He will continue to offer his service through the month.

Dan Yonker, Treasurer

Dan reported IMGA had little financial activity for the month, and is in the same financial position as it was this time last year. He reiterated that the AGA renewal online was working fine.

Bill Ranney, Greens and Grounds

Bill is planning to meet soon with maintenance to get an update on the tree trimming effort and offer a suggestion on the sand traps. More detail to follow this month.

Dick Winkelman, Handicap

Dick reported that total membership is up from previous years. At Dick’s suggestion, IMGA is going to develop a method to orient new members on such things as the use of Chelsea and the website.

Rich Rathburn, Prize Committee

According to Rich, the Prize Committee is functioning well, and the results are out to members in a timely fashion.

Dan Smith, Tournament Director

Dan Smith says the Ironwood Cup Tournament has proceeded as planned with the only hiccup being a week’s delay due to the weather.

Wayne Karp, Internet

Wayne is drafting an “online handbook” to help guide members, particularly new members, through the use of Chelsea and other IMGA activities. Wayne has had experience with creating this for another golf group. He will continue to update the website as needed or requested.

Ross Serold, Secretary

Ross has “whittled down” the number of unclaimed IMGA golf shirts to a large handful and is going to try again to connect with the owners. He may have a few shirts for sale shortly.

Jerry Pederson, Vice-President

Jerry has attended the IronOaks Golf Advisory Group meeting(s) recently and has provided informative updates to the IMGA Board on the various activities.


Jan 12 2BB/4 Man Team

1st Place AM – Rich Pavlak, Russell Cauffman, Gayle King, Chris Brown

1st Place PM – Mark Saylor, Dennis Lee, Jim Ray, Bernie Dugan