IMGA News and Events

Mike Willinger

Ironwood is ranked the 7th best short course by Golf Pass for 2021.

In Memoriam

IMGA has lost two long-time members in 2021: Dick Teater in February and Merv Hedding in March. For them we offer:

“Surrounded by old club friends,

Once thought never to be seen again,

The infinity course beckoned ahead,

Eighteen holes were for mere mortal men” (Michael Ashby)

Hole in One

Bruce McCorkle scored his first hole-in-one on #17 in the IMGA weekly event on March 9, and will be awarded $100 by IMGA. Congratulations, Bruce!

Mike Willinger, Publicity

A $100 award for a hole-in-one is just one benefit of being a member in IMGA.

Most importantly, it is meeting fellow golfers, finding like-minded partners for non-league days, and making new friends.

A membership in IMGA for $115 per year will also include:

* Membership in the Arizona Golf Association and obtaining a USGA handicap

* Weekly member events with payouts (flighted)

* Trophies and payouts for the Ironwood Cup and Club Championships

* Opportunities to play special events (i.e., member/guest)

* Discount on Pro Shop purchases

* On-site computer to access membership records

Dan Yonker, Treasurer

Dan reports that we continue to track financially at the same pace as last year.

Bill Ranney, Greens and Grounds

The tree trimming company contracted by the IronOaks HOA will be on-site several days each week, and their effort will include trees on the golf courses on a rotational basis.

Dick Winkelman, Handicap

Dick stated membership has reached 234 members.

Rich Rathburn, Prize Committee

Thanks, Rich, for timely publishing of the prize lists and payouts.

Dan Smith, Tournament Director

The Club Championship is heading into its third week. Dan and Kevin will continue to manage the tee time process.

Jerry Pederson, Vice-President

Our best wishes to Jerry for a speedy recovery from his recent surgery. We are all hoping for his quick return to the links.

Jerry has attended meetings of the Golf Advisory Group and reported, through Bob Clark, there are no plans to reduce space in the Ironwood Pro Shop or computer room with any Ironwood Club remodel. Once a budget is approved, there will be meetings for review and comment at Ironwood.

Ross Serold, Secretary

Ross is officially out of the golf shirt business. The remaining eight sold for $20 each, providing $160 for the IMGA treasury.


2/16 AM – 123 – 4 Man team: 1st Place Team: Richard Popham, Charles Goodwin

2/16 PM – 123 – 4 Man team: 1st Place Team: Frank Pender, Larry Keith, James Wegman

2/23 AM – Lone Ranger: 1st Place Team: Phillip Stone, Bill Giessing, Ron Fager, Dennis Hewitt

2/23 PM – Lone Ranger: 1st Place Team: Robert Carstedt, Joe Vitton, Paul Dinardo, Dick Meitz

3/2 AM – 3 Best Ball Net: 1st Place Team: James LaBarge, Dennis Schwehr, Gene McIntyre, Michael Kozak

3/9 AM – 2BB Net, 4 Man Team: 1st Place Team: Steven Vandergriff, Joe Rizzi, Ron Wagener