IMGA News and Events

Mike Willinger

Upcoming Events:

The 2022 winner of the Ironwood Cup will be decided Feb. 1 after three weeks of competition that started on Jan. 18.

Information on the Member/Guest Tournament on Feb. 15 can be found on the website

The three-week Club Championship will be played March 1, 8, and 15.

The Winners Circle:

Dec. 7, 1 Gross, 1 Net, (4-man team)

First place (AM): Fred Smith, Bill Giessing, Jordan Primack; (PM): Ward Stone, Bruce McCorkle, Dennis Lee, Jack Cook

Dec. 14, Team Stableford, (4-man team)

First place (AM): Mike Scroggins, Jerry Newhaus, John Rolfe; (PM): Wayne Karp, Bruce McCorkle, Jeffrey Cohen, David Schnell

Dec. 21, Individual Low Net

First place (AM) Flight 1: Robert Barnett, Flight 2: Dan Hewitt, Flight 3: Larry Gagnon, Flight 4: Nick Klaver; First place (PM) Flight 1: John Skoworn, Flight 2: Keith Landry, Flight 3: Joseph DaNapoli, Flight 4: Stanley Darling, Flight 5: Don Nielsen

Dec. 28, 1 Gross, 2 Net

First place (AM): Mike Scroggins, Rod Blane, Charles Goodwin, Chris Brown; First place (PM): Dan Kiska, Leon Hapka, Tom Sornsin

Jan. 4, Lone Ranger

First place (AM): Bruce Wright, Dennis Schwehr, Jim Hutchins, Larry Johnson; First place (PM): Larry Wood, Thomas Fleury, Larry Birlin, Jeffrey Cohen

Board of Directors Meeting, Jan. 5

Thank you!

Joe D’Amore’s term on the HOA Board expires at the end of March, and he will not seek re-election. Our thanks to Joe for his time and effort on the HOA Board and for his gracious support of IMGA meetings.

Jerry Pederson has resigned as vice president to focus on health issues and an upcoming surgery. Thank you, Jerry, for your participation on the IMGA Board and in our golfing activities.

Dan Jonker, Treasurer

Dan’s overview of 2021 showed IMGA financially positive at year end due to some events being unscheduled.

Al McCormick, Greens and Grounds

Certain areas of the course are very wet, and carts have driven through them. Wayne Karp has sent an e-blast asking members to avoid such areas.

Handicap, Dick Winkelmen

As of Jan. 1, there are 234 members for 2022, including 42 new members. Additionally, there are 40 handicap-only members. He continues to pursue a further understanding of the “Soft/Hard Cap Handicapping” and its impact not only on IMGA, but other leagues as well.

Prize Committee – Rich Rathburn

The committee continues to support the tournaments in a timely manner.

Tournaments – Dan Smith

Dan gave an overview of the upcoming tournaments. The Ironwood Cup provides a challenge on scoring, as AM/PM scores need to be combined into one leaderboard. Information is now available on the website for the upcoming Member/Guest Tournament.

Internet – Wayne Karp

Wayne continues to provide timely support for IMGA needs. He is adding a list of future events to the homepage.

President Bob Clark

Bob reported IMGA is seeking a new vice president and asked board members to begin a search.