IMGA news and events

John Concannon – Publicity

As I mentioned last month, the activity here at Ironwood Golf Club is hot and heavy. The Ironwood Cup completed play, and the flight winners are as follows: 1st Flight – Bruce McCorkle, 2nd Flight – Dale Bassi, 3rd Flight – Larry Birlin, 4th Flight – Paul Jordan, 5th Flight – Michael Petriello, 6th Flight – Joe Mandour. Congratulations to the winners.

The Annual Member/Guest Tournament took place on a beautiful February 7 afternoon. There was a full complement of teams competing. The flight winners included: 1st Flight – Jack Lehmkuhl, 2nd Flight – Ray Pavia, 3rd Flight – Al Gibbs, 4th Flight – Lloyd Schaefer, 5th Flight – Gary Hutchinson, 6th Flight – Don Nielson. From all indications, it was a fun event enjoyed by all. Thanks to the tournament committee and the volunteers who made it a success.

In terms of future planning, the Club Championship starts on February 28 and runs for three concurrent Tuesdays. You must participate all three Tuesdays in order to win. A Home & Home tournament with Sun Lakes C.C. is scheduled for April 4 (Ironwood) and April 6 (S.L.C.C.). The announcement and sign-up sheet should be on the IMGA bulletin board very soon. The next tournament is the Home & Home with Cottonwood C.C. That is scheduled for May 9 at Ironwood and on May 13 (Saturday) at Cottonwood, so plan ahead if you intend on participating.

A recent analysis of our membership indicated that 42% of our membership is over 75 years of age and another 30% between 70 and 74. That might be an indication of why the pace of play seems to be a concern. Maybe we should all look to ourselves, try to play at a reasonable pace and not worry about others playing slowly. The best rule of thumb seems to be to keep up with the group ahead of you assuming, of course, that they are keeping up with the group in front of them, etc, etc.

This is the last time that I will be reporting on IMGA events, etc. After 12-plus years, I am turning over the pen to Bruce McCorkle. He is reasonably new to IMGA but has already made his mark winning the Ironwood Cup this year. It has been my pleasure doing the publicity for IMGA. I hope that you readers have received some enjoyment out my articles.

Take care and be well, and remember, “Keep your head down and swing slow.”