IMGA News and Events

On behalf of the Ironwood Men’s Golf Association (IMGA), here’s wishing all Sun Lakes golfers a happy and healthy 2023 and another wonderful year of golfing in the Arizona sunshine!

New IMGA Board: The Executive Board members for 2023 were approved at the IMGA board meeting on Dec. 7. Congratulations and best wishes to Rich Popham, president; Dan Kiska, vice president; Ross Serold, secretary; and Lloyd Schaeffer, treasurer.

Ryder Cup: The Ryder Cup between IMGA and MOGA concluded on Dec. 1 at Oakwood after an initial round on Nov. 29 at Ironwood. Oakwood won the competition by a “comfortable” margin.

Bob Lobban and Patrick Rather won 7 up, Jim Czaja and Larry Gagnon won 6 up, Kirwan Flannery and Don Nobe won 5 and 4, Bob Clark and John Sinks won 4 and 1, Dan Muth and Rich Popham won 3 and 2, Harry Johnson and Bob Love won 3 and 2, Joe D’Amore and Ross Serold won 3 up, and Patrick McGowan and Ward Stone won 2 up.

First-Place Winners in Their Flight:

Nov. 1: Kirwan Flannery, Richard Rathburn, Rodney Blane, Bill Schauermann, Richard Katz, Patrick Rather, Tim Atkison, Lloyd Entringer, Paul Dinardo, Jon Deiter

Nov. 8: Gary Hodges, Richard Rathburn, Rich Pavlak, William Knack, Jerry Pederson, Danny McCasland, Joe Ferrazza, Patrick Rather, Thomas Reale, Donald Fayfar

Nov. 15: Larry Wood, Wayne Karp, Larry Gagnon, Michael Kozak, Steven Vandergriff, Daniel Kiska, Jim Hutchins, Chris Kempley, Bob Lobban, Alan Gibbs, Paul Dinardo, Jim Ray

Nov. 22: Kirwan Flannery, Ron Rogers, Joe Rizzi, William McConnell, Joseph Denapoli, Ray Hames

Nov. 29: Dave Connolly, Jim Hutchins, James Johnson

Coming Soon:

Ironwood Cup: Jan. 17, 24, and 31

Member/Guest Tournament: Feb. 21

Member/Member Tournament: April 4

New Prize Committee Chairman: Dick Boscombe has agreed to take on the heavy responsibility of Prize Committee chairman and will be assisted by John Sink, Larry Gagnon, and Ted Osborne. We thank these gentlemen for stepping forward and helping to make IMGA run like a well-oiled machine!

New Assistant Superintendent for Ironwood: Mike Stadler has been appointed assistant superintendent responsible for the Ironwood Golf Course. Mike has over 25 years’ experience in the field of course maintenance, most recently at Las Colinas. He is also an accomplished golfer, having competed in USGA qualifying rounds. Welcome, Mike!

Amazing New Website: Wayne Karp has invested his time and talent into developing the new, easy-to-navigate, more-automated IMGA website. We have heard many positive comments. Please thank Wayne the next time you see him.

IMGA Continues to Thrive: Dick Winkelman reported that, to date, over 190 members have signed up for 2023, plus an additional 21 who are handicap-only members.

Join IMGA: IMGA has events every Tuesday for players of every level. Join today and meet some new friends. See the IMGA website