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Bob Love, Chuck Goodwin, Chad Coole

Hole-in-One Club:

It was a very cold but sunny day on Dec. 13, and Bob Love made a perfect swing with his 12-year-old pitching wedge into a slight breeze on the 115-yard 4th hole at Ironwood and made a hole-in-one!

Lightning struck twice on the same day when 82-year-old Chuck Goodwin made his first hole-in-one ever on the 104-yard 10th hole with his pitching wedge. All those years of practice finally paid off!

Chad Coole continued his string of holes-in-one on Dec. 20 on the long 8th hole (this was his second). He hit his PXG 19 Utility Club about 150 yards and couldn’t find the ball until Ross Serold looked in the hole. Al Gibbs confirms that it happened that way. According to Golf Digest, the odds of an average player getting a hole-in-one on a 150-yard hole are 80,000 to 1, and you need to play 23,000 rounds!

First-Place Winners in Their Flight:

Dec. 6, 1 Gross, 1 Net: Peter Yoon, Robert Barnett, Larry Gagnon, Don Milberger, James Light, Gary Hatch, James Coughlin, Jon Deiter, George Poffenberger

Dec. 20, Individual Low Net: Mike Scroggins, Larry Gagnon, James Johnson, Fred Smith, Bill Beltz, Chad Coole, Paul Dinardo, Jim Wegman

Dec. 27, 1 Gross, 2 Net: Mike Scroggins, John Carmichael, Jim Martin, Dennis Schepp, Bud Hewitt, Rich Pavlak, Joe Rizzi, Bill Schauermann, Gary Hoeft, Alan Gibbs, Larry Gagnon, Ted Osborne

Jan. 3, Lone Ranger: Ron Rogers, Dan Strafalace, James Coughlin, Dennis Martin, Dan Muth, Ross Serold, Jeffrey Cohen

Jan. 10, 2 Best Ball Net: Bruce McCorkle, Larry Gagnon, Bill Flinn, Gary Hutchinson, Richard Popham, Ray Paiva, Paul Dinardo, Donald Fayfar

Coming Soon:

Club Championship: Feb. 28, March 7, and March 14

Member/Member Tournament: April 4

New Rules Chairman: Doug Stodgel has “stepped forward” to serve as the IMGA Rules Chairman. Thank you, Doug! You can find the 2023 U.S. Golf Association Rules, along with relevant videos, at under the Playing tab. You can also download the USGA Rules of Golf app from your favorite app store for free.

In Passing: Longtime Ironwood Men’s Golf Club member and Sun Lakes resident Ray Knott passed away Monday, Dec. 12, 2022, after a long illness. Ray was extremely proud of the hole-in-one on Ironwood hole number 4 he got while playing with wife Nancy and friends. He was a Navy vet and is survived by wife Nancy, daughter Noelle, and granddaughter Annabelle.

Membership: Dick Winkelman reports that as of Jan. 4, 250 members have signed up for 2023. A cost-saving option for non-resident IMGA members is to pay $65 per league round, which is available only on league days.