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Bruce McCorkle

Ironwood Club Champion and Super Senior Champion

At the time of this writing, two rounds have been played in the Club Championship, and there is a heated contest for first place in both Championships. Larry Horner is vying for his second win as Club Champion but is only one stroke ahead of John Chow (74 vs. 73). Don Noble has a three-stroke lead over Max Spencer, Jim Todey and Frank Wellwerts (all tied) for the Super Senior Championship (67 vs. 71). Round three was played on March 13.

Chits can be used at Stone & Barrel and other Facilities.

Thanks to the MOGA leadership and to Eddy and Trish’s willingness to offer us additional options, we can now use our chits at Stone & Barrel and other facilities in addition to the Pro Shop. If you encounter any issues when using your chits in the restaurants or other facilities, ask them to check the little green book for detailed instructions.

Course Conditions and Maintenance

According to Ross Buckendale, our course superintendent, “This spring and transition is going to be a lot of work. A lot of aerification in order to get water to move through our soil profile and along with that being able to move salts through our soil. We are getting to the point of really thinking about transition and starting to push Bermuda grass. We have big plans for this summer, and in order to have a good over-seed, we have to have a good Bermuda grass base. I am excited for this summer, but we have a long way to go in order to get it to conditions that I am proud of and conditions that everyone in this community can be proud of. That is our goal. That is our drive. To have the best conditions around… and we will. There are issues, but that makes the reward that much greater.”

Weekly Tournament Results:

2/13. Low Individual Net First Place: 1st Flight – Russell Cauffman, 2nd Flight – Steven Vandergriff, 3rd Flight – John Sinks, 4th Flight – George Poffenberger, 5th Flight – John Rutt, 6th Flight – Don Millberger

2/13. Member/Guest First Place: 1st Flight – Mark Heth, 2nd Flight – Bob Brower, 3rd Flight Bruce Stead, 4th Flight – Dick Teater, 5th Flight – John Davis, 6th Flight – Bill Schauermann

2/20 AM: 1 Gross and 2 Best Net First Place: Ron Fager, Dennis Schepp, Eugene Meyer, Phillip Stone

2/20 PM: 1 Gross and 2 Best Net First Place: Richard Scranton, Paul Beeks, Paul Jordan, Dave Connolly

2/27: Low Individual Net First Place: 1st Flight – Steven Vandergriff, 2nd Flight – John Sinks, 3rd Flight – Richard Katz, 4th Flight – Murray Luther

3/6: 2 Best Ball Net First Place: 1st Flight – Steven Vandergriff, Sale Goodwin, Gene Valenta, Murray Luther

Coming Up:

Home & Home with Sun Lakes Country Club: 4/3

Home & Home with Cottonwood: 4/24