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Larry Wood, Most Improved IMGA Golfer for 2023

Most Improved Golfer for 2023

Larry Wood has been crowned the Most Improved IMGA Golfer for 2023. When asked what strategies he implemented to achieve this remarkable feat, he didn’t admit to taking lessons, watching videos, or increasing his time on the range. He simply said that he enjoys playing with the guys in IMGA and tries to do his best! Well done, Larry!

Ted Osborne, Handicap and Membership Chairman

Ted has been researching the impact of upcoming WHS (World Handicap System) changes and shared with the board some of the changes that might impact the league. One example is the posting of a score for 9 holes. The updated WHS will extrapolate the 9 holes to 18, making it a complete round. Another update is the PCC (Playing Conditions Calculation) impact on handicap. The board had a lively discussion on these issues. No decisions were made regarding the changes that WHS is proposing. To see the three major changes in 2024, members should log into GHIN and click the three bars at the top left next to USGA, which will show a menu of topics, including changes to WHS.

Doug Stodgel, Rules Chairman

Failure to Hole Out: A player must hole out at each hole in a round. If the player fails to hole out at any hole, the player must correct that mistake before making a stroke to begin another hole or, for the final hole of the round, before returning the scorecard. If the mistake is not corrected in that time, the player is disqualified. If two or more players agree to ignore any Rule or penalty they know applies, and any of those players have started the round, they are disqualified.

Wayne Karp, Webmaster

Wayne is searching for a member as a backup for the very important webmaster position on the board. This person needs to have basic understanding of computer and Internet protocols and be able to write simple code in Google or Java script. If you are interested, please contact Wayne.

Ross Serold, Secretary and Golf Advisory Group

“Inserts” will be placed on the bottom of flagsticks to aid in removing the golf ball from the hole. New tee markers will not be purchased until 2025. Adopt-A-Hole has been reinstated. Ross is the coordinator for Ironwood. So far, about half of the holes have volunteers to take care of divots on the tee boxes and fairways.

Ironwood Cup

Rain delay postponed the final round, which was held Feb. 13 (after this article was submitted).

First-Place Winners

1/09. Ironwood Cup First Round: Mark Saylor, Tom Hewitt, Rodger Brandt, Larry Gagnon, William Knack, Richard Katz

1/30. Ironwood Cup Second Round: Bill Beltz, Dan Bly, Bill Parsons, Larry Gagnon, Tom Wheaton, Alen Aken

Major Events Coming Soon

2/20, 3/05, 3/12: Club Championship

3/19: Home and Home with Sun Lakes (limited to 80 players or less)

4/02: Member/Member