IMGA News – Kevin Koznick Scores a Hole-In-One

Kevin Koznick, Hole-in-One Club

Bruce McCorkle

Kevin Koznick Scores a Hole-in-One

When a guy has as many holes-in-one as his wife, well, you know what must be done. On Dec. 19 Kevin Koznick was victorious on the 13th hole at Ironwood. He used his gap wedge, hit it 115 yards, and it backed up three inches and fell into the hole—a textbook shot! Congratulations, Kevin!

Danny Smith, Tournament Chairman

There is a possibility that the Summer League will resume with Springfield, SunBird, Palo Verde, and Sun Lakes Phase 1. Stay tuned.

Lloyd Schaeffer, Treasurer

The league is in good financial shape. The Treasurer’s Report can be found on the IMGA website under Member Information/IMGA Board Minutes and Financials.

Doug Stodgel, Bunker Rules

Stones are loose impediments, and you may remove any loose impediments that are in a bunker, even when your ball came to rest there (Rule 12.2a). But be very careful that your ball does not move. If it does move, you will incur a one-stroke penalty, and you must replace your ball.

Touching the sand with your club immediately in front of or behind your ball, during a practice swing or during your backswing, is a penalty (Rule 12.2b (1)). If you do this in match play, it is loss of hole penalty. In stroke play, it is a two-stroke penalty. Other touching of the sand in bunker is generally okay as long as you are not deliberately testing the condition of the sand.

When in a bunker, you may remove loose impediments, but be careful that your ball does not move. Do not touch the sand with your club immediately in front of or behind your ball when taking a practice swing or during your backswing.

For more rules clarifications, check out the IMGA website heading “Rules Tidbits.”

Ironwood Cup

The Ironwood Cup final round was played after this article’s submission. The announcement of winners will be in next month’s newsletter.

First-Place Winners

12/19 Individual Low Net: Bob Olson, Matt Fellows, Dan Strafalace, Dominic Palazzo, Jim Hutchins, Howie Dielmann, Don Milberger, Gary Furlong, Ted Osborne

12/26 One Gross 2 Net: Bruce Pape, Ed Miller, Bill Giessing, Don Milberger, Kelsey Frazier, Rich Engler, Joseph Denapoli, David Schnell

1/02 Lone Ranger, 4-Man: Lee Smith, Rich Pavlak, Eddie Cauffman, Don Milberger, Bruce Koehler, Rich Engler, Roger Garcia, Joseph Denapoli

1/09 2 Best Ball Net, 4-Man: Bruce McCorkle, Rich Pavlak, Eddie Cauffman, Robert Fish, Dave Hoogenboom, Bill Parsons, Don Nielsen

Major Events Coming Soon

2/20 Member/Guest

2/27 Club Championship

3/05 Club Championship

3/12 Club Championship

3/19 Home and Home with Sun Lakes (limited to 80 players or less)

4/02 Member/Member