IMGA November News

Kevin McCarthy, new IMGA vice president

New Vice President

Kevin McCarthy has graciously agreed to step up and assume the responsibilities of vice president for Ironwood Men’s Golf Association (IMGA). Kevin grew up in Michigan, and after graduating with an accounting degree from the University of Wyoming, Laramie, he went to work for what ultimately would become Cooper Standard. He enjoyed a successful career of 22 years with Cooper, ultimately overseeing North American Estimating. He and Jan, his wife of 34 years, are happy to be in Sun Lakes and close to his old boss and friend Dan Smith. Dan has actually been a personal witness to both of Kevin’s holes-in-one, the latest one being on number 10 at Ironwood! Thank you, Kevin, for being willing to volunteer your time and talents for the benefit of IMGA!

Danny Smith, Tournament Director

Danny has spent many hours transitioning IMGA to Golf Genius and has trained not only IMGA members but also people from other clubs. Thank you, Danny! At this point in time, IMGA will not be using Live Scoring.

Lloyd Schaeffer, Treasurer

Lloyd reported that the league is in good shape financially. Thanks for “counting the beans,” Lloyd!

Ted Osborne, Membership

Please renew your membership on the IMGA website,

Wayne Karp, Website

Wayne continues to improve our amazing website and reports that there were 6,401 views between Aug. 1 and Sept. 28!

Ross Serold, Secretary

In addition to serving as secretary, Ross represents IMGA on the Golf Advisory Committee. He and Steve Engler are heading up an effort to provide more visible tee markers.

Bruce McCorkle, Publicity

An election of officers will be held at the beginning of the morning and afternoon rounds on Dec. 5. Our existing slate of officers has kindly agreed to serve another term if elected. They are Rich Popham, president; Kevin McCarthy, vice president; Ross Serold, secretary; and Lloyd Schafer, treasurer. If you would like to submit your name for any of these positions, please contact Bruce at [email protected]. Bruce will be taking pictures over the next couple of months and will update the IMGA Photo Album.

Doug Stodgel, Rules

Keep an eye open for more rules clarifications from Doug. In addition, he is considering holding some live sessions. Please let him know if that would be helpful.

Coming Soon:

11/07. Individual Low Net

11/14. 2 Best Ball Net – 4-Man

11/21. Schramble

11/21. IMGA/ILGA Tournament

11/28. 1 Gross 2 Net

11/28 and 11/30. Ryder Cup with MOGA

12/05. Home and Home – Palo Verde

2/20. Member/Guest Tournament

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First Place Winners in Their Flight:

9/05. Stableford: Kirwan Flannery, Don Bartolo, Jim Hutchins, James Johnson, Dave Anderson, Joseph Denapoli, Gary Furlong, Tom Wheaton

9/12. Individual Low Net: Gary Hodges, Rich Engler, Richard Rathburn, Eddie Cauffman, Don Milberger, Dave Hoogenboom, Jim Ray