IMGA personality of the month

Joe D’Amore

Joe D’Amore

Bruce McCorkle – Publicity

Joe D’Amore is a gifted attorney, family man, former softball coach, one of the best piano players I’ve ever met, someone who generously donates his time and talents to the Sun Lakes Community and is our highlighted IMGA Golfer for the month of June.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Joe attended 12 years of Catholic school – St. Rose of Lima, then St. Augustine High School. His musical education began early…when he was eight years old. His piano teacher, Sister Loretta, recognized his talent and rewarded him with encouragement…and by withholding the usual whack of a ruler on the back of the knuckles that other students regularly received.

“Back in the day” when you needed a beer can opener to open a beer, a young Joe D’Amore was attending a Brooklyn College/Catholic Organization picnic and asked an attractive co-ed named Phyllis if she had a beer opener. She replied “No, but I have a veal cutlet sandwich.” With a characteristic twinkle in his eye, Joe jokes that it was “love at first bite!” They are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this August!

His academic performance gained him entrance into a chemistry PhD program, but he realized that chemistry wasn’t a good fit for his personality. As a community organizer for a Staten Island Hospital, he found that helping people with “grievance” issues in his local union was more satisfying than anything else he was doing, so changing his focus, he became the Grievance Chair and, thanks to the terrific support he received from his wife and two daughters, earned his law degree from Seton Hall Law School. Transitioning from a large New Jersey law firm to a finance company owned by Bell Atlantic enabled him to spend more time with his family, coach daughter Jen’s softball team and cheer her on as a goalie in her high school soccer team. As a talented gymnast, his other daughter Candice kept the family busy watching her perform.

His career success culminated in Joe’s being appointed Assistant General Counsel for his company and a move to Arizona, where he ultimately retired, built a home in Oakwood on the first hole of the Sonoran and became an active contributor to our community. He has served as a unit captain for Unit 44, vice chair of the Unit Captains’ Committee, Chair of the Election Committee, Chair of the Grievance Committee, served on the Amenities Acquisition Advisory Group, was a board member for over three years and currently serves on the IMGA Board.

He fondly speaks of the experiences he’s had serving on various committees and strongly encourages others to step forward and become involved. Joe says that he has received many more “thank you’s” than criticisms.

When not on the golf course, you can often find him at my house on Wednesday afternoons jamming with friends. Or you can go to his websites and listen to his music. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you, Joe, for all you bring to our community!