IronOaks Breakers Billiard League 8 Ball results


Larry Stadler

The Breakers 8 Ball Handicap Tournament ended on February 10, 2018. thirty-two members who participated divided into four pockets of eight players each. The four pocket winners were as follows:

Pocket #1: Tom Ritter, first; Mike Buscaglia and Charlie Nerko, tied for second; Pocket #2: Joe Petkus, first; Willie Forster and Larry Horner, tied for second; Pocket #3: Keith McDonald, first; Randy Oliver, second; Pocket #4: Jim Boyes, first; Don Teusaw, second

The four winners played for the Tournament Championship in a single elimination race to five formats. After a fierce battle, not reflected in the final scores, Keith McDonald was victorious over Jim Boyes five games to three. Tom Ritter ended up third. Overall, the matches were very competitive.

Simultaneously, a Second Chance Playoff was held for the player in each of the four pockets with the lowest number of games won in the tournament. The four players were Bill Anue, Loren Hawkins, Albert McCabe and Larry Schuller. These matches were also a race to five single elimination. After surviving his first match, Bill Anue came on strong in the final to best Larry Schuller.

Thanks to all who participated in the tournament!