IronOaks Breakers Billiard League post tournament results

Larry Stadler

On February 23, the IronOaks Breakers billiard team played the “Inaugural” Home and Home match against our sister community, Cottonwood’s Lucky Shot Pool Club. The purpose of the Home and Home matches are to develop good fun, yet competitive relationships with fellow pool players and particularly by developing camaraderie with our sister communities. Previously, we had been playing matches with a team from Mission Royal in Casa Grande for years.

A “Home and Home” match means that we play another pool league once at our “home” club and once at theirs. Eight players from each club participate in a straight 8 ball doubles match for a total of 48 games. Players play three games on each of the four nine-foot pool tables, and the “home” team rotates on tables to complete all 48 games. We have been very successful in building competitive matches against Cottonwood’s Lucky Shot and Mission Royal.

When the dust settled on February 23, the final score was Breakers 28, Lucky Shot 20. The winning Breakers team members were Babe Thompson, Keith McDonald, Ed Allen, Jim Boyes, Wayne Newman, Don Teusaw, Randy Oliver and Tom Tank.

The Breakers team was also successful in the rematch against Lucky Shot at Cottonwood on Friday, March 9. Final score: Breakers 27, Lucky Shot 21.

Thanks to all the players who participated!