IronOaks Breakers Pool League

Larry Stadler

As you remember from the article in the June Splash, Tournament Director Ed Allen came up with an idea to have a “Scotch Doubles” 8-Ball Tournament. The Breakers Board and league members thought this was a good idea, so the tournament was scheduled.

Here is a quick refresher of the play:

“Scotch Doubles” is played as follows: Team partners alternate shots during the match. If one partner makes a “called” ball, their partner then shoots. If there is a miss, the opposing team begins to shoot. The Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Tournament is a race to five games – first team to five wins the match. Each doubles team will call opponents to schedule their match. Winners playoff in the finals.

The 20 players entered produced two Pockets of five teams (10 players).

On June 13, 2018, when regular play ended, we had a winning team and runner up in Pocket 2, but Pocket 1 needed a playoff for runner up (the results of which would be too late for submission in the July Splash). The playoffs for first, second and third will be held Friday, June 15, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. – again, much too late to be included in the July Splash.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged! Look for the tournament results in the August Splash.

Pocket One: Winning Team – Willie Foster and Don Teusaw; Runner-Up – To be determined after Splash-required submission date

Pocket Two: Winning Team – Bill Aune and Larry Stadler; Runner-Up – David Mork and Arlin Wesner

A big thanks to all the tournament players!