IronOaks Breakers Pool League announces champions

The members of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League ready for the League Championship!

The members of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League ready for the League Championship!

David “The Godfather” Mork

The third annual League Championships were held in the IronOaks Billiard Room from October 28 to November 1. Thanks to HOA No. 3 residents for allowing the matches to be played during that time. The league membership supported the finals by watching some great games of pool. The league champion for 8-Ball was none other than the prior year champion who repeated this year, Rod “The Babe” Thompson. The runner-up was Jim “The Mountie” Boyes. The league champion for 9-Ball was also Rod “The Babe” Thompson and the runner-up was Bill Lange. Third and fourth places in 8-Ball were Jerry “Slick” Vickery and Bill Lange, respectively. Third and fourth places in 9-Ball were Michael “The Judge” O’Rourke and Larry “Cuestick” Stadler, respectively. Pool nicknames are catching on and many of the players have them on their league shirts that are new this year. All qualifiers were invited to be present at the photo shoot of the members which is mounted on the wall in the Pool Room. There are now 47 members of the league and of those 19 qualified to play in the 8-Ball championship, and 14 qualified in the 9-Ball championship rounds. All of the brackets were seeded based on the qualifier’s wins during the six seasons that were played during the league year.

In July the league added a new plaque to the Pool Room which shows on the engraved plates the name of the member, the match play and the month and year the member “ran the table” during match or tournament plays. There were four new plates to be added during the tournament, with three plates added for Rod “The Babe” Thompson who ran the table twice in the 8 and 9-Ball play downs and once in the 9-Ball championship round. A new plate was also added for Jim “The Mountie” Boyes for his running of the table in the finals match in 8-Ball. Other new plates on the plaque were for “Fast Eddie” who ran the table in 9-Ball during season six match play in 9-Ball, Jerry “Slick” Vickery for 9-Ball in season six and Rod “The Babe” Thompson for an 8-Ball run in season six. All members have a chance to have their name on the wall for achieving this rare feat in pool.

All games are scored during the seasons and the final tally of games played calculated to be 8,846 games of pool in our 8 and 9-Ball matches. During the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday twice daily matches, over 19,500 games were played. That’s over 28,000 games! No wonder the Pool Room gets so much use during the year, even though over 10 or more of our members migrate away from Sun Lakes during the summer.

Come join the league! E-mail us: David “the Godfather” Mork at [email protected], or Willie “The Wizard” Foster at [email protected] to learn more. Now, let’s play pool!