IronOaks Breakers Pool League announces first annual Veteran’s Day Classic in 8-Ball

David Mork

The IronOaks Breakers Pool League (the league) which has over 40 players, all of whom are members of the HOA No. 3 or IronOaks, announces the first annual Veteran’s Day Classic, to be played in an 8-Ball Blind Draw Tournament at the IronOaks Clubhouse Billiard Room on the day after the national Veteran’s Day. The format is a race to three wins with the blind draw seeding based on the number of players who sign up prior to the start of the tournament, scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. on November 12. All veterans who are members of IronOaks HOA No. 3 are eligible to play. There is no entry fee; the prize money of $50 to the first place player and the $25 second place price money will be paid by the league to the winners. The first place winner will also receive an engraved 8-Ball statuette with their name on the plaque.

This tournament would honor those who have served. Entry into the tournament would be based on the veteran’s statement that they served in any of US military branches and that they were honorably discharged. League members who are veterans would also be eligible to play in the tournament. There are a large number of cue-sticks in the Pool Room so no equipment would be necessary, although if you have your own, please bring your cue-stick.

If you would like to play, please send an e-mail to David Mork at [email protected] with your contact information or call direct to  602-818-6663 and leave your name and contact information and that you will play on November 12.