IronOaks Breakers Pool League to host beginners

If you are interested in learning to play pool, come to the Billiards Room on Mondays and Thursdays in June and July.

If you are interested in learning to play pool, come to the Billiards Room on Mondays and Thursdays in June and July.

David “The Godfather” Mork

In the months of June and July from 4:00-6:00 p.m., members of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League will be available in the Billiards Room of the IronOaks Clubhouse to provide introductory instruction to all HOA No. Three members who are interested in playing games of billiards but are not yet ready to join the league. Come as a couple, or as a single interested party and we will provide you with a history of the game, how it is played, scoring, shooting stance and pool cue handling and shooting techniques including draw, follow and English on the ball. The game of billiards has had a resurgence over the past decade, as more and more of us are reaching the golden years and remember the days when we used to enjoy a game of billiards at the pool hall in our home towns. The days of the pool hustler from Little Egypt (in Illinois) and Elizabeth City, North Carolina, are long gone, but there are a number of great players who are shown on TV and on YouTube. Consider the games in the Billiard Room a great way to meet, greet, have fun, and enjoy the camaraderie of a game of pool in a non-threatening atmosphere and with little cost associated with the evening event.

Our Billiard Room has over 30 cues for use by all residents, and with four tables, the room can accommodate 16 beginners playing at a time, so there is room for many HOA members to learn about the game of pool. Since the mid-1940s, thousands of pool rooms across the USA closed as a result of the pursuit of the American Dream. Now that many of the HOA No. Three members have achieved that, there is now time to come back to the pool hall and enjoy the games that were played years ago. Just like the equipment in the sport of golf, billiards has grown with the times. New cue dimensions, tips, covers, adornments and cases have been imagined and put into production. Even the pool balls have been modified to provide a better playing experience, along with the lights over the tables. Our Billiard Room has also enjoyed a renaissance since the league began in 2011 with many upgrades to the room being funded or initiated by both the men’s and women’s leagues.

No signup is necessary, no need to wear a suit and/or tuxedo, (like Willie Mosconi and the great Ralph Greenleaf did when putting on an exhibition for future players); just come to the Billiard Room with an attitude for learning about the game of billiards. We will teach the fundamentals of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, straight pool, one pocket and 10-Ball. Our members will be available Mondays and Thursdays in the months of June and July (except the evening of July 4) to share our pool knowledge with you.

If you have any questions, please contact Williie Foster at [email protected] Now, let’s learn how to play pool!