IronOaks Breakers Pool League news

IronOaks Breakers Pool League Board members (left to right): Larry Stadler, Bill Aune, Ed Allen, Willie Foster and Randy Bryan

Larry Stadler

The IronOaks Breakers Pool League Board met Tuesday January 8, 2019. In early January 2019, the Board sent a survey/questionnaire to members asking for feedback on what tournaments members would like to see in 2019. The focus of our board meeting was to gain a consensus from the responses members provided to our questionnaire and to begin scheduling our activities for 2019.

We currently have 60 members in our pool league. Two new members joined recently. A big welcome to Jack Cameron and Gene Granquis. Welcome aboard!

Based upon member feedback, the Board will be scheduling five handicapped tournaments in 2019. These tournaments are in addition to our normal two sessions of 8-Ball played on Tuesday and Thursday and two sessions of 9-Ball played on Saturday.

2019 Tournaments:

January/February – 8-Ball singles (more on this below)

March – “Breakers Best” 8-Ball singles

April – 9-Ball singles

June – Scotch Doubles 8-Ball

October/November – “Welcome Back” 8-Ball singles

The January tournament began January 28 and will end on February 23, 2019. Playoffs will follow the week of February 25. The handicapped tournament will be singles 8-Ball, using our “Pocket” format with blind draw for pockets.

We anticipate very good participation and look forward to a great tournament.